Alpha Wolf

Public Minting

  • Supply : 1688
  • Mint Price : 0.58 SOL 
  • Mint Date : 02:00 UTC – 22/02/2022
  • Method :
    • First Come First Serve
    • Whitelist minting in 24h 

What is Alpha Wolf ?

The Alpha Wolf is a community of wolf lovers & NFT collectors.

Alpha Wolf Fund – The First Solana NFT Index Fund was created with 80% of our whole minting. The Alpha Wolf Fund is managed by the Alpha Wolf DAO. All gains will be split evenly among Alpha Wolf NFT holders.

🔥 Radrugs Premium Certificates
🔥 Exclusively on Solana Storm Launchpad
🔥 Profits sharing from The First Solana NFT Index Fund
🔥 Staking, Liquidity pool with $BONE token
🔥 Like-minded wolf pack to go hunting together


1. Ownership & commercial usage right of your Alpha Wolf

Alpha Wolf holders possess commercial usage rights to their NFTs. You’re free to use your artwork as you please.

3. NFT Incubator

Our Alpha Wolf DAO also is an excellent incubator for upcoming potential projects. We could provide services such as Artwork – Technical – Marketing – Advisor – OG networking… anything a project needs to be successful in exchange for shares. That could be a win-win strategic collab

2. Access to exclusive community of like-minded people

  • Private Discord Channel with auto-verification on the number of NFT holders.
  • Voting power to Alpha Wolf’s Fund, upcoming big decisions
  • Priority access to whitelist, airdrop, giveaway opportunities.
  • Access to the Alpha Wolf Academy & Tool where we could share & learn new things on NFT every day. It’s still super early for NFTs.
  • Access to real life events that connect with Alpha Wolves around the world.

4. Profit shares from Alpha Wolf Fund

We use Alpha Wolf Fund to buy & hold top bluechip NFT on Solana.

So when Alpha Wolf gets capital gains or profits from the NFTs, our Alpha Wolf holder get a profit shares. Alpha Wolf Fund will be operated by Alpha Wolf DAO.

5. Stake & Earn

Alpha Wolf holders will be able to stake & earn $BONE depending on their classes. Omega gets 250 $BONE/day in the next 5 years.

8% Royalties split up in:
(1+2=7,36% | 3 = 0,64%) 

  1. 50% for staking/liquidity pool (DAO’s funding)
  2. 50% for marketing activities, operations, donation for Wolf Conservation Center (team funding)
  3. 8% of 8% Royalties (0,64%) for Solana Storm Lauchpad

Roadmap 1.0

We really want to emphasize the importance of our community before we start! To provide the best solutions, ALL updates & later development will be discussed and voted on by the community (Alpha Wolf DAO). Our Roadmap will be updated regularly with new ideas from our Alpha Wolf DAO.


We’re here for the long run.
We’ve set some goals for ourselves. We will begin working on achieving the expected goal once we have reached a target sell through percentage.

  • 10% We pay back our moms.
  • 25% Community tools (rarity, listing, salebots, DAO setup…)
  • 50% NFT Index Fund
  • 75% Staking
  • 100% Liquidity pool
  • In the future ~ In Real Life Chill Out somewhere in the world.

The Team

White Fang - The Founder

An OG crypto investor since 2017,
throughout the summer (ICO bubbles) & the winter (3 years downtrend). I go all-in NFT & Solana blockchain now.
My background is digital marketing & business development (>12 years experiences). I’m a wolf lover & an open water swimmer.

Solana Storm Lanchpad

Solana Storm takes pride in hand picking high quality projects only. Solana storm likes to get close with all there creators and delivery to the community fully doxxed and safe projects to mint . Solana Storm has an anti bot system built in to give our users a fair mint

Phi Buck - Designer

The hidden gems artist who are undervalued. He is such a professional in PHP NFT collections. His artwork is amazing. For now, Phi Buck is our secret weapon.


Access to a private pre-sale with lower price .38 SOL instead of public minting .58 SOL. NOT A FREE NFT.

Whitelist will be granted to the most active and helpful users. You can find full instructions in our Discord server.

The public price is .58 SOL + Gas fee < 0.01 SOL. You need 0.6 SOL ready in wallet for 1 NFT. We could adjust the mint price depend on SOL price but for sure it will less than 100 USDT

There are 1688 in total

The public mint will be on 22/02/2022

Yes, we will be holding a presale for our Whitelist members. Please join our Discord to learn how you can join the Whitelist.

The possibilities are endless! You can use your Alpha Wolf as a profile picture online, resell it for profit or even make your Alpha Wolf into an influencer! Let your mind fill with ideas!

Yes. You own the creative and commercial rights to the IP of your NFT meaning you can sell merchandise of it and you can get paid for derivatives. If your NFT is chosen to be used in an animated series, a music group, or even a advertisement you can get paid for it

The amount of royalties is currently fixed at 8%. 

A half of royalties will be used to sweep the floor of NFT & $BONE.

Another half will be used to grow our community.

Not only does the founder have a nickname is a wolf (White Fang), and he named his eldest son as a wolf. He really loves WOLF. 

Wolves have played an important iconic animal throughout human history.

People come for the art & stay for the utilities so WOLF is extremely suitable character for our community, whose have passion in the WOLF culture & a strong belief in NFT trend.